Consignment Procedures & Rules:

How to consign with us?

  • To become a consignor at LEGACY WGP, you agree to all of the following rules, policies and agreements.

  • To consign, sign up at:; make sure to use the same name as the bank account name that you will use to request payout. No nicknames or usernames.
    *****We are not accepting new consignors at the moment*****

  • Email Accounts @ that you've signed up so that your account can be enabled.

  • Once your account has been enabled, you may then login by going to As a seller, please do not attempt to login via the Shopify homepage [], that is a completely different website and is intended for buying only.

  • Once you add your address & phone number to your profile, the selling tab will then enable.

  • You can now click the icon on the left pane and click sell to start adding inventory you intend to sell with us. Just list your items and bring them in, no need to print the QR code.

  • We do not accept Consignment drop-offs on Saturdays. You are welcome to drop-off at any time during business hours on the other 6 days. We only accept drop-offs on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday's. The only exception here is - any new releases released on that Saturday or the Friday before can be dropped off on Saturday. Drop-offs are now only allowed via appointments, to schedule an appointment, please email Appointments @

  • Generally we try to get everything accepted and posted within 72 hours. But during/after the holidays it can take up to 7 business days for your items to be accepted and made live.

Rules & Polices:

  • The consignment rate will be 85/15 split. 85% of the sale goes to the consignee and 15% to the store.
  • All inventory must be added to this consignment portal before drop off occurs. Once the inventory is dropped off it will be authenticated and audited, once it clears the vetting it will then be made live. We aim to get everything on the floor within 2-3 days, but depending on how much we have received, it can take a little longer.
  • You will be able to manage your inventory and adjust prices in real-time.

  • Once a shoe is entered into our portal and dropped off, the item(s) must stay in store for a minimum of 30 days. If a pickup is done before the 30 days, a 15% fee will be charged.

  • Please remove all tags and stickers from any other authenticators from your items. This will allow us to process items quicker than wasting time cutting off those tags. Inability to follow this request will result in a ban.
  • In an event that your dropped off shoe does not pass authentication, you will be charged a 15% retrieval fee for the time and efforts we invested in auditing your shoes. We take this business very seriously, you will be  completely banned from our store if you attempt to bring any fake items to us.

  • Prices must be in increments of $5.00; if a price such as $373 is entered, it will be rounded up to the next increment of $5, which would be $375.
  • We do not allow undercutting, we will set a lowest threshold for new releases. If you're unsure of the threshold, please email us. If you price your item under the threshold, we will update the price to match the threshold amount. Repeating offenses can result in a ban to sell with us. You may list as high as you want but not too ridiculously over the top. 

  • If there is an item listed at a fair price, please do not undercut the price while listing your item. You are encouraged to list at the same price or higher. If the item still does not sell after 30 days, you may then contact us to lower the price.

  • If you consign clothing with us, and do revise your price, please email us so that we can update the price on the tags on the floor.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any product we feel is priced over the top.

  • Any pre-owned shoes being consigned must be in 9/10 condition or better. We do not do any cleanings here so be sure to prep (clean & lace) your shoe accordingly before drop off. Any shoes without boxes will be required to purchase a shoebox for $4.

  • We do not accept any sort of custom or painted items.

  • If you'd like to ship in your consignment items, please load your items to your seller portal and send an email to Appointments @ for review & approval. Once approved, you may then ship your items to the provided name and address. Please do email us back with your tracking number so we can anticipate your package.

  • Payouts - To request a payout, simply drop an email to Consignment @ We issue payouts progressively as payment request emails are received, so please be patient till you come up in the queue. Please do not send a IG/Facebook message, or email us multiple times. We reply to ALL emails in the order they are received, it can take up to 5-7 days to hear back. Please refrain from sending multiple requests back to back as it slows the overall process down. High volume sellers (15 items+ a month) are requested to request a monthly payout.

    For now, we will absorb the transfer fee, so no additional cost to you.

    Payouts are issued as a digital check via, once you receive your first check you will be asked to connect your bank account, any check issued after that will default deposit into that account.

    Payouts can take 2-4 days to post to your bank account, longer if you do not use a major bank. Any questions you may have about this you will be able to speak to the customer service at once after you've set up your account.

    In the near future you will be able to request payout with the click of a button.

  • In case your product is stolen or damaged while in our possession, we will either replace the item with the exact same or reimburse you the MSRP of the product within 60 days. In the event the item is worth more than the MSRP in today's market, we will determine the payout (after fees) in the most active marketplaces and offer that cashout.

What we do and do not consign

Popular sneakers by Nike, Jordan, Adidas, Reebok, New Balance etc.. Any luxury brands such as but not limited to: LV, Gucci, Balenciaga
Most Streetwear brands, such as: Supreme, Palace, KITH - All clothing must be BRAND NEW
Any packaging that clothing comes in may be discarded.
Any used clothing
Supreme Accessories: must be of minimum $50 value Clothing from: BAPE, Off-White, Anti Social Social Club, VLONE

Information on this page is subject to change, it is your responsibility to check this page for any updates.